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Ceramic IR Heaters

They are constructed by a firmly burnt-in heating coil. The heater incorporates highly heatproof resistance wire that provides safety against any damage. We supply Custom Wattage Infrared Ceramic Heaters as per the requirement of our clients.

Longer service life is achieved since the resistance of the heaters is made to remain constant over the whole temperature range. The glaze used in this heater has excellent radiation properties therefore the radiation efficiency is also very high.

Our Ceramic Infrared Heaters are available in 3 standard models:
1. Full Length 245mm(FSR) 60mm 250 to 1000 W
2. Half Length 122mm (FSR/2) 60mm 125 to 500 W
3. Quarter Length 60mm (FSR/4) 60mm 60 to 250 W

  • The material used for the production do not oxidize therefore the surface always remains clean and do not wear out
  • As the coil is embedded in ceramic material, it can be installed in any possible position
  • In Thermoforming & Vacuum Forming Machines
  • In PVC Pipe Belling / Socketing Machines
  • In Hot Stamping Machines
  • As Heat Therapy Equipment, In Shrink Packaging

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Shortwave IR Heaters

Shortwave Infrared heat is transmitted directly in the form of electromagnetic rays, at a avelocity of approx. 300,000 km/sec: i.e. at the speed of light. but is also suitable for particularly demanding applications such as Vacuum technology and clean room conditions.

Infrared heat is particularly economical on energy compared to other heat sources beacause it acts quickly, directly on products. Short Wave IR emitters are suitable for all applications in which the attainment of high temperatures in the shortest possible time is what counts.

These lamps are not only the fastest in transmitting heat but are most suitable for specific applications involving vacuum technology and dust free (clean room) conditions.

  • Heating is done by radiation this eliminates loss of energy used for heating media and heat loss due to convection
  • Here the infrared waves penetrate the material, on which it falls and delivers the heat directly to that material
    Various type of termination options are available
  • Standard stock size from 250 w to 2000w in 230 v and 415 v
  • Heating Length ranging from 127mm to 1200mm
  • PET preform heating in stretch blow molding machines
  • Printing ink drying in offset machines
  • Paper coating drying
  • Pre – heating prior to embossing
  • Screen printing curing on T – shirts
  • Textiles and many more

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Medium Wave IR Heaters

Medium wave IR heaters are manufactured and supply superior quality medium wave infrared heater that consists of a helically wound resistance coil housed in a pure vitreous silica fused quartz tube. The quartz tubing is terminated with ceramic insulating caps that are specially designed to allow the quartz tubing to breathe. The ceramic caps are tightly fastened to the quartz tube with high temperature cement that allows the quartz to breathe. Made of high quality material, these are superior in performance and offer long serving life.

  • Quartz Infrared Heater is available in diameters of 8, 10, 12, 15 and 19 mm
  • Available in lengths from 300 to 1500 mm
  • Can be used only in horizontal position
  • Fitted with specially designed heating coil to ensure longer life,
  • Least maintenance required
  • Available in clear and milky tubes
  • Shrink Packaging Machines
  • Lamination Industries
  • Drying Textiles
  • Curing Rubber