Manufacturers and Exporters of Industrial heating elements


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Coil Heaters

Coil heaters are typically used in area which has a higher watt density requirement. The Basic construction of these heaters involves swaging of compacted MgO, Nickel Chromium wire into a Chrome Nickel steel tube. These heaters when swaged to provide maximum support for the resistance wire, eliminating the effects of vibration and shock.

  • Standard stock size from 250 w to 1200 w
  • Temp upto 750 deg C
  • With J type or K type T/C
  • Highly non corrosive
  • Various cross sections available
  • Hot runner nozzles and bushing
  • Tube extrusion
  • Pipe forming

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Nozzle Coil Heaters

Nozzle coil heaters are similar to the coil heaters but with a bigger cross section and the option of brass collet and clamping band over the heater to ensure perfect snug fit onto the nozzle for the efficient heat transformation. The problem of material spillage results in frequent failure of mica nozzle heaters, where as these heaters are robust in such conditions.

  • Available with nickel chrome steel band
  • Temp range for upto 400 deg C
  • Option of J type or K type thermocouple available on request
  • Negligible effect of material spillage
  • Minimum inner diameter of 25mm
  • Injection and blow moulding
  • Process engineering
  • Extend nozzles

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Micro Tubular Coil Heaters

Micro tubular coil heaters are manufactured in round and rectangle cross sections, in round section available diameters are 1.5mm, 1.8mm. In rectangle cross section size is 1.3mm x 2.1mm. These heaters are swaged and compacted to these diameters and fitted into special clamps to tighten over circular parts for heating purpose.

  • Flexible cold leads of 5’’ & 7’’
  • Round cross section of 1.5mm and 1.8mm
  • Rectangle cross section of 1.3mm x 2.1mm
  • Standard stock sizes available
  • Pet perform moulds
  • Hot runner nozzles
  • Thin wall containers